gold and ghosts

I have about three drafts with this title from three different years. Once I start writing I can never bring myself to finish it. And now I know why. I don’t know how we got to November. Yesterday I was in Croatia and came back to the sizzling heat here. Now I’m all bundled up in … More gold and ghosts


Sometimes I feel like my head is a very random collection of words that pop in and out of focus depending on my mood. Some are always there; some keep hiding in the dusty corners. And sometimes I just discover them for no reason at all. So, PETANQUE. Today is all about petanque. Petanque suddenly emerged … More petanque


The weirdest, the scariest and possibly a rather wonderful thing has happened to me – I have absolutely no work to do. I do get to keep my job and my position and the money but – oh wow – I have nothing to do whatsoever. For only god knows how long. This is the … More Sisyphus


1. Sad Natalie is sad. 2. All problems start when feelings get in the way. 3. Dancing is the ultimate cure for heartbreak.